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Naked Beef Liver Chips

  • Our Market Select treats are made using only the finest local ingredients.  We only source from local farmers such as Abundant Pastures in Claremont, Illinois, and Three Spring Farms in Perryville, Missouri.  Using only local ingredients is good for your pet, the planet, and our economy!

    In life, simple is better, and feeding your dog or cat a treat with multiple ingredients is a complication neither you nor your pet need.  Our Naked Beef Liver Chips are made with just one ingredient beef liver! These Naked Liver Chips are cooked slowly in small batches using 100% USDA certified beef liver, raised without hormones or steroids.

    Great for both dogs and cats!

    This recipe provides approximately 5 calories per average-sized treat but is not intended as a meal replacement.

    Like all the products we handcraft in the kitchen of Ancestral Pet Food this recipe:

    Contains only ingredients approved for human consumption.

    Gluten and grain-free.

    Contains no fillers like soy, wheat, or corn.

    Contains no artificial coloring.

    Is free from preservatives.

    Contains ingredients grown and processed in the United States.

    Contains no animal bone meal (slaughterhouse waste products).

    Loved by Nelson the Cat, Newton the Cat, Lola, Ginny, Phoebe, and other cats and dogs across the country!

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