Free Monday Delivery (St Louis City/St Louis County/St Charles County only) on orders over $30. Giving your dog something to bark about! 

  • Treats for cats & dogs!

    Locally sourced Chicken Liver Chips and Beef Liver Chips! How you like meow?

    Homestyle Treats
  • Bring out the best in your dog.

    Our beef toppers are locally sourced using grass-fed beef and organ meat from Three Springs Farms in Missouri and Abundant Pastures in Illinois.

    Homestyle Beef Meal Topper
  • A holistic approach to feeding your dog.

    All Natural meal toppers made in small batches with USDA certified ingredients.

    Natural Meal Toppers
  • Farmers Market Season Is Here!

    Stop by for a free sample.

    Farmers Market Locations