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All Natural Meal Toppers

Homestyle Beef Meal Topper

  • Our Homestyle Beef recipe is lovingly handcrafted in small batches using only the finest grass-fed beef and whole food ingredients approved for human consumption. Our homestyle beef recipe follows the Ancestral Diet with at least 75% USDA-certified single-source protein plus 25% fruits and vegetables. We source our grass-fed beef from Three Springs Farms in Perryville, Missouri, and Abundant Pastures in Claremont, Illinois.  

    Homestyle Beef is an ideal choice for all dogs, especially active adult dogs.  Beef is a power-packed protein dynamo loaded with niacin, zinc, selenium, and vitamin B12.  These nutrients help your dog form healthy red blood cells, aid the circulatory system, and create a sturdy immune system.  With no grains, soy, wheat, bone meal, or other fillers added this recipe works well for dogs with a sensitive stomach or gluten allergy.

    This recipe provides 42 calories per ounce.

    Like all the products we handcraft in the kitchen of Ancestral Pet Food this recipe is:

    Lightly cooked whole food that is easy to recognize

    Contains only ingredients approved for human consumption

    No BHA or BHT

    Made with love in small batches

    Gluten and grain-free

    No fillers like soy, wheat, or corn

    Contains no artificial coloring

    No preservatives are added

    All ingredients are grown and processed in the United States 

    No animal bone meal (slaughterhouse waste products - yuck) is used

    Loved by Lola, Ginny, Phoebe, and other dogs across the country

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ben C.
Simply the Best!

I am glad I met Jeff at the TGFM, but my dog is even more happy! Thank you for the great product and service.

Cheryl Erman
Great food for picky eaters

Our lab has cancer and was turning down food until we tried Ancestral as a topper. So healthy and fresh. Thank you!

Tina W
Great food for my pack!

I have a mix of senior and young, small and large dogs, but they ALL LOVE this food! Feels good to know I'm feeding them something so good for them and that they like it!

M. Weir

Ancestral's topper has been a literal lifesaver for our senior Boston Terrier, George. We have always supplemented his dry kibble with a spoonful or so of various "big brand" wet foods, but about 2 years ago he started turning his nose up to it. After consulting with our vet, we had resigned ourselves to the fact that his decreased appetite was just due to his declining age. By word of mouth, we tried this brand as topper. The first time we set it in front of him, we were relieved to see that George's appetite had reappeared, and we have been customers ever since. The quality from each batch we have received has been A++!

John Rabun
Beef Bonanza!

Wow! It does not get better than this, and I have used many different brands of raw food. Ancestral is outstanding.