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All Natural Meal Toppers

Homestyle Flavor Flakes

  • Our Homestyle Flavor Flakes is a dry topper you add to your dog's kibble.  Sprinkle onto your dog's kibble to enhance nutrition, flavor, and excitement.  This product is lovingly handcrafted in small batches using only the finest free-range chicken with organ meat, pork, and beef liver approved for human consumption.  Complete and uncomplicated whole ingredients are perfect for dogs of all ages.  

    We use a combination of chicken and organ meat, pork, and beef liver in this recipe because this combination contains higher levels of iron, vitamin B, zinc, and antioxidants.  Making it perfect for dogs of all ages including puppies and senior dogs. Also, it is a good choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach, gluten allergy, or those not interested in eating their kibble.  

    This recipe provides 45 calories per ounce.

    Like all the products we handcraft in the kitchen of Ancestral Pet Food this recipe is:

    Lightly cooked whole food that is easy to recognize

    Contains only ingredients approved for human consumption

    No BHA or BHT

    Handcrafted in small batches

    Gluten and grain-free

    No fillers like soy, wheat, or corn

    Contains no artificial coloring

    No preservatives are added

    All ingredients are grown and processed in the United States 

    No animal bone meal (slaughterhouse waste products - yuck) is used

    Loved by Lola, Ginny, Phoebe, and other dogs across the country

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gigi Reiling
Picky eaters

Scully, our 14-year-old dog won't eat unless we make her food 'special', this sprinkle topping is easy to use and great for making her feel special.

Rachel D.
Flavor Flakes

We use these when we travel!

Power Packed Add-On

I have an elderly dog and I swear this product is helping him stay alive! We tried everthing and these did the trick. Thank you!

Heidi Tobe
Ivy is finally eating!

My dog has never been food driven. I've tried every wet and dry food on the market and often have to resort to hand feeding. She gobbles down every bite of this straight from her dog bowl mixed with some high quality kibble and has been happy and energetic with healthy bowels. Picking some of this up at the farmer's market has become a regular part of our week now. Definitely worth the every penny!