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Homestyle Pork Meal Topper

  • Like all products, at Ancestral Pet Food our Homestyle Pork recipe is handcrafted in small batches using only the finest pork butt and whole food ingredients approved for human consumption. Our homestyle pork recipe follows the Ancestral Diet of at least 75% USDA-certified single-source protein plus 25% fruits and vegetables.

    Homestyle Pork is an ideal choice for dogs that are active or dogs that are underweight due to the higher calorie count.  Sled dogs and hunting dogs are often fed a diet heavy with pork due to the higher levels of protein when compared to other meats.  Pork provides dogs with high levels of vitamin B, zinc, and selenium.  Vitamin B is a critical component of a dog's diet aiding in energy metabolism, heart health, red blood cell production, as well as helping keep their fur soft and their skin healthy.  With no grains, soy, wheat, bone meal, or other fillers added this recipe works well for dogs with a sensitive stomach or gluten allergy.

    This recipe provides 56 calories per ounce.

    Like all the products we handcraft in the kitchen of Ancestral Pet Food this recipe is:

    Lightly cooked

    Contains only ingredients approved for human consumption

    No BHA or BHT

    Made with love in small batches

    Gluten and grain-free

    No fillers like soy, wheat, or corn

    Contains no artificial coloring

    No preservatives are added

    All ingredients are grown and processed in the United States

    No animal bone meal (slaughterhouse waste products - yuck) is used

    Loved by Lola, Ginny, Phoebe, and other dogs across the country

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Most loved flavor


I met Jeff at the Tower Grove Farmers Market this summer. He’s genuinely a nice person who cares about providing a quality, healthy product for pets.
Skyler, my 16 year old shepherd mix, loves the Homestyle Pork! Skyler had recently grown tired of the food we had been feeding him for a couple years. We had been trying out different options for a few months, but nothing excited him. When I added the Ancestral, he devoured it! I couldn’t believe how excited he was to eat it. It made me so happy for him that he was enjoying his food so much.
I appreciate knowing how healthy it is for Skyler. You can literally see the pieces of veggies (broccoli, peas, etc) when you dish it out. If I was not vegetarian, it looks like something I would serve to myself!
Thank you so much, Jeff!!


Great Topper for our dogs food. Very Safe food based on their overall product creation (we love Ancestral’s inherent desire to provide safe, wholesome & from our dogs minds, tasty grub!) Repeat customer for sure!

Rob A
2 Paws Up!!

You cannot ask for a better quality meal for your canine family member that you love so much! The ingredients are fresh, healthy, delicious and makes a huge difference in our dog’s energy level! Do your dog a favor and order this meal!!

Only the BEST!!!

My dog Kai LOVES all of Jeff's products. The pork is by far his favorite.
I mix it in with his kibble and he'll always eat the pork first. If I ever leave it out and try to just give him only kibble, I get the LOOK. He eats it everyday and I couldn't be happier with how healthy and happy he is! I would recommend these products to anyone and everyone- not only are you supporting a healthy pet, you're supporting a responsible business and a truly wonderful family. 2 paws up!!!